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Fast-Track Your Search for Top Data Talent

Xcede can help you to:

• Access data scientists, data engineers, product analysts, BI architects, NLP researchers and more

• Quickly add the best available candidates to your teams with help from our experienced, vertical specialist recruiters

• Hiring advice for managers and business owners, access to salary guides and opportunities to attend or co-host market-leading Data networking events

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Xcede: leaders in data recruiting

Our data team features the first recruiters in the UK to specialise in niche areas such as data science and product analytics.

These data scientist and data analyst recruitment consultants have witnessed the industry evolve from the ground up, fostering an exceptionally well-connected network of niche experts along the way. With their in-depth knowledge and specialism in web analytics, UX, and other data analysis services, they have become a key part of our approach to understanding the needs of both clients and candidates. This prestigious experience allows our team to curate the UK’s best data events where world-renowned companies join to speak, and top data talent joins to listen. In addition, our head recruiters often collaborate with candidates to address any questions they may have during the recruitment process, including guidance on interviews and other important things related to securing their ideal data role.

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The Industry

The demand for data professionals, such as data scientists, data analysts, and other data jobs like engineer positions, is greater than ever before. With the ever-growing need for data-driven solutions and insights, a rapidly increasing number of sectors across various industries are experiencing significant change. Companies require people with the right skills, capabilities, and passion to help businesses translate data into actionable insights, make data-based decisions, and automate processes using the latest technology innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has led to a considerable growth of opportunity in the data science sector, requiring more specialists with a deep understanding of data and its value. Additionally, the increasing demand for data roles has led to competitive salaries and the need for experts, such as data scientists and data analysts, to have proficiency in advanced technologies and tools such as Python and SQL to excel in their function.

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Our Dedicated Team

Our clients can feel confident in the pool of data specialists we represent. Our candidates can feel secure in knowing we can propel their career to the next level through our connections to world-leading companies looking for the best talent. Our dedicated office teams create a smooth recruitment process to help candidates find their ideal role.

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salary guide

Explore the biggest salary trends and insights from 2022 and for the year ahead in Xcede’s 2023 Salary Survey.

The survey takes a closer look at our markets using information from surveys, CVs, job listings and successful hires to provide a snapshot of current hiring trends in the UK and guidance on remuneration for permanent roles, with a special overview of the contractor market.

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