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Close up image of Apple Mac laptop on outside garden table featuring Google logo on screen to signify Google AR
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Google Announces New AR for Search Results

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Xcede

2019 developer conference signals a new age in AR.

Google I/O is always a highlight in the tech calendar. An event with the power to predict the future of the technology that shapes how we live. This year, one announcement making headlines is the introduction of 3D augmented reality (AR) results to Google’s search function. This development gives users access to 3D objects and information overlaid on their environment through the camera of their phone or mobile device.

The technology saw a great white shark share the stage as part of the keynote speech at I/O, but the possibilities for AR tech are endless. Users will be able to view any product in three dimensions. Meaning they can see furniture in their home or examine a new pair of shoes from every angle. There are also huge possibilities for educational applications, allowing students to view word landmarks in exceptional detail or learn about the muscles that make up the human body. For developers, the potential to adapt this powerful tool seem limitless.

Big Tech using AR

AR has been steadily becoming more central for the big tech names over the last few years. This is thanks mostly to Google launching its Android ARCore platform in 2017 and the recent expansion of Spark AR from Facebook. AR seems to be steadily evolving from a fun and eye-catching tool to something that may become an essential part of everyday life.

AR search results are expected to start appearing at the end of the year with developers able to provide support for their own objects with just a ‘few lines of code’. Could this be the start of a new era of search technology? The current outlook is certainly positive. It seems that AR is here to stay, and it’s only going to get more important as we discover innovative ways to harness this smart tech.