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Working at Xcede - Employee Interview with Jamaine Agyepong

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Xcede

​As proud advocates for employee wellbeing in businesses across the world, it’s critical we practice what we preach.

As a recruitment company serving the thriving digital and technology markets - we strongly believe that our workforce deserves to love their work; supported by our extensive reward structure.

Our staff members are the ones who forge our success every single day, and, without them… we’d be nothing. Therefore, our internal processes offer outstanding training, incredible earning potential, and unlimited career potential.

Jamaine Agyepong - Employee Interview

We recently sat down with Jamaine Agyepong, our Principal Cybersecurity Recruitment Consultant at our New York office.

Throughout his past year and a half with us, he’s just one example of an employee who has had his life changed forever - excitedly volunteering to move from London, where he had years of experience in the USA recruitment market.

Q1: What is your background?

“I started in sales, before going into recruitment. It seemed like the career for me, and, in hindsight, it absolutely was.

However… I didn’t have much luck starting out.

Firstly, I ended up in a very competitive environment with an employer that often prioritised profit over people. That’s not what I wanted. I often felt exhausted and burnout; much like my colleagues around me.

I started hunting for a new opportunity, one that aligned with my goals. Long-term, I wanted to move to America - so I looked for an employer that could possibly facilitate that. I ended up working for a global corporation, where the work was enjoyable but very impersonal and generic.”

Q2: How did you join Xcede?

“After two years of working at my previous job, I was headhunted by Xcede.

I was intrigued by their proposal, as they offered an exciting opportunity to work alongside a team of experts who genuinely cared about each other’s personal growth. I knew I could learn a lot with them, and would be able to considerably advance my career.

I spoke to the director, as well as the internal talent acquisition manager, and learnt so much just in the discovery calls. They knew recruitment inside out - and weren’t afraid to share that information.

I joined Xcede as a senior consultant and was immediately helped to create a career plan to get to where I am now, a principal. I was just promoted a few weeks ago.”

Q3: What was different about Xcede from your other employers?

“What really stood out to me is that the goals they were giving me were optional.

I could choose my own path. While they were giving me the guidance to become successful, they weren’t pushing me or asking too much of me.

They cared and would let me progress as I wanted - not them.

Over time, I bonded really well with my colleagues and was soon able to achieve my dream of moving to America.

Now, I have a management role on the horizon.”

Q4: What are your job duties in your current role?

“More recently, I’ve been overseeing other members of the team alongside my usual recruitment duties, where I specialise in filling post-sales cybersecurity roles, including:

  • Customer Success Engineers

  • Head of Customer Success

  • Customer Success Managers

  • Professional Service Engineers

  • Technical Account Managers

  • Account Managing Consultants

  • Chief Information Security Officers

I’ve only been here for a little over a year, and I’ve proven myself during that time.

As a result, I’ve been trusted to actually manage, not just follow, a variety of tasks. That feeling is incredible.

Q5: What are your ambitions for the future?

“Having my own team.

When I mentioned I enjoyed overseeing my colleagues while my manager was away, I was put on a training programme that would help me develop the right skills for a promotion. It was a very proactive response that made me feel valued.

I want to help other new colleagues be as successful within Xcede as I have; that would be one of my missions as someone in a leadership role. There’s still a lot I can learn between now, and then, though.

After all, I already have my own questions to deal with - let alone other people’s!”

Q6: What have been the main highlights of working in Xcede US?

“Professionally, I’ve always been grateful that I’m surrounded by high-performers who are also down-to-earth people.

It’s an incredibly diverse team where everyone has an equal chance of success; all they have to do is seize it. There isn’t any discrimination against those of different races, gender, or sexuality - it’s a really safe environment for all. We always help each other, share jobs, and work together.

On a personal level, the job is just really fun. It’s as simple as that.

There’s always stuff to do in America, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. I’ve enjoyed meals out with my colleagues, and I believe we’ll soon be going on a boat along the Hudson River; which will be a new experience for me.

There are so many good incentives to working with Xcede, but, above all: we thrive from working together… rather than competing.”

Working at Xcede

We offer all of our employees a world-class recruitment environment to support their career growth from trainee level to management and beyond, and have many recruitment jobs available that could be of interest.

Our far-reaching global footprint means we can offer our employees a variety of exciting relocation opportunities in locations such as New York, Singapore and Cape Town. Check out our positions near you.