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Is Your Data Team Diverse and Inclusive?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Iona Simpson

​“Diversity” is a word taking the recruitment industry by storm.

The ongoing evolution of remote technology throughout the pandemic enabled organisations to reach candidates across the world and quickly solve their labour shortages.

However, the spur-of-the-moment decision to collaborate with international talent has seen incredible results throughout the past couple of years.

Today, diverse and inclusive corporations are:

  • 35% more likely to outperform their competitors (Source: McKinsey).

  • 70% more likely to capture new markets. (Source: HBR).

  • 87% better at making decisions. (Source: People Management).

The importance of diversity and inclusion in data

It’s clear, then, that recruiting talent from a variety of backgrounds, minorities, and cultures is a smart move for all data businesses.


Put simply, diverse teams can challenge and encourage each other - sharing a range of perspectives for problem-solving or day-to-day operations to identify the most efficient approach. When they are able to communicate effectively, both innovation and creativity are enhanced by 170% (Source: Josh Bersin).

Going forward, there’s just one question you need to ask yourself: is your data team diverse and inclusive? If not, you should update your recruitment process and consider working with specialists in your industry.

“Data desperately needs to have more diverse opinions. Unless you have different ways of thinking and diverse points of view, you cannot have a complete proposition.”

- Silky, Co-Director of Women in Data

The responsibilities of data recruiters to promote diversity and inclusion

All recruiters who offer services to the data sector should aim to build the very best team possible; considering the long-term success of the businesses they work with.

At Xcede, we believe that talent shouldn’t be selected just for their current capability, but for their ongoing potential to thrive in an organisation.

Industry recruiters, then, should be continuously educating themselves on how to be more inclusive with their recruitment (especially in our evolving climates). Each one should make a conscious effort to:

  1. Work with their clients to build diverse teams.

  2. Participate in industry conversations and promote minority voices.

  3. Network with minority data candidates.

Otherwise, they could be unintentionally turning away some of the best workers in the market.

Race, sexuality, and gender do not define our strengths.

What’s more?

A recent report from Glassdoor found that two out of three job candidates are actively seeking companies that have diverse workforces; recognising the benefits of working in an inclusive environment. In a candidate-driven market, all data organisations should look to accommodate this request (especially ones facing vast labour shortages).

Ultimately, all industry recruiters should be conscious of the importance of diversity in data, and be willing to challenge incorrect beliefs - particularly in male-dominated spaces where bias may be present.

“The future of diversity and inclusion in data looks positive. But, we must remember not to consider this tokenistic.

We shouldn’t only focus on the hiring pipeline. We need to look across the board for how we can better support individuals from diverse backgrounds to give them the best possible chance.”

- Silky, Co-Director of Women in Data

Xcede’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in data

As global recruiters across multiple technology sectors, we’re keenly aware of our personal responsibility to build incredible teams across the data industry.

That’s why we follow an extensive ED&I policy that motivates us to make a positive social difference.

Xcede’s diversity and inclusion mission

Today, our candidate network extends around the world.

Numerous global offices in Asia, Europe and America give us the exponential potential to be a market leader in driving industry diversity.

This is a responsibility we take seriously.

To make the most of our influential position and not let it go to waste, Xcede has a clear action plan (and comprehensive equality, diversity and inclusion policy) that ensures we recruit diversely within our own data team and for our clients.

Day-to-day, Xcede’s employees are encouraged to contribute towards and attend a variety of networking events hosted by minority groups in the industry - such as Women in Data.

We then use these connections to extend our headhunting reach and ensure we welcome applicants from all walks of life.

Xcede’s data recruitment

Each of our incredible recruiters are extensively educated on the importance of checking their bias, which aids us in making inclusive recruitment decisions.

However, we find it critically important to recognise there’s always more work to be done. By frequently consulting with external advisors, Xcede looks to expand our horizons and eventually perfect an inclusive recruitment process.

Recently, we’ve been working with an asset management firm, and the hiring managers are keen to onboard female data engineers.

After identifying that their advertised vacancies weren’t flexible enough to suit the needs of their ideal candidates, we worked with them to restructure the role and encourage diverse applications, to great success.

Our Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Additionally, as a part of our ongoing commitment to embracing diversity and inclusion across the data sector, we’re proud to have recently welcomed specialist Holly Farmer to our team. She’s spent the last three years empowering recruiters around the world to promote diversity and encourage inclusivity, and we’re confident she’ll do the same within our organisation.

Work with Xcede

Xcede has an unparalleled record in data talent acquisition.

As specialists in search and selection since 2003, we have fostered partnerships with world-leading organisations to offer the best roles to our ever-expanding pool of data talent. From pioneering start-ups and research labs to international enterprises, it is these highly prestigious partnerships that allow Xcede to attract top talent from across the UK and Europe.

Our dedication to finding experienced and diverse candidates with the right qualifications allows businesses to foster growth and continue scaling. Contact us today to get started.