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A Day in the Life of a Tech Recruiter

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author:by Samuel Webb

Did you know that 9 in 10 HR professionals struggled to source technical talent in 2021 (Source: Medium)? 

As industry spending grows to $4.4 trillion annually (Source: Gartner), the number of full-time ICT employees is predicted to increase from 55.3 million to 64 million in the next few years. 

In response to difficult hiring conditions, managers have turned to qualified technology recruiters like Xcede for rapid labour solutions.

As of 2022, recruitment demand has risen to a CAGR of 2.01% (Source: Market Research). Herein lies the problem. As Wall Street Journal published last year, “The hardest job to recruit for is recruiters themselves.” 

Innovative recruitment agencies like Xcede have noticed this trend, and are already responding. If you’re a passionate individual hunting for a long-lasting and successful career, we’re offering an opportunity for you in technology recruitment.

To get ahead of the game and continue putting client needs at the forefront of what we do, Xcede has already started onboarding job seekers who are agile, eager to learn, and flexible under pressure.

Does that sound like you?

What’s It Like Working in Tech Recruitment?

 To learn whether technology recruitment is a position you’ll thrive in, it’s important you understand the roles and responsibilities of our employees. We invest heavily in cultivating a strong corporate culture that embraces and welcomes you from Day 1. 

A Typical Morning for Tech Recruiters

We believe that the strength of our teams reflects the strength of our quality of service.  Company-wide, Xcede recruiters start the day with a multi-functional team meeting. After a bit of casual conversation, our employees are encouraged to:

  1. Present and reflect on relevant industry news.

  2. Discuss prospective client and candidate leads.

  3. Assess their workload and plan the day ahead.

  4. Calculate how to work towards the same common goal.

We’ve found that these early meetings strengthen relationships between staff members whilst also stopping interruptions throughout the day. These in-detail catch-ups boost morale and grant technology recruiter’s the independence to manage their own to-do lists.

Next, Xcede’s tech recruiters will respond to emails that arrived overnight from our range of global clients - breaking the industry norm where 76% of employees check work emails after hours. (Source: Business News Daily). They will then check messages received through LinkedIn Recruiter: following up on queries, planning discovery calls, and networking with experienced industry talent.

Once they are all caught up on both internal and external communications, they follow a plan to best serve our stakeholders. 

1. Developing a “Roadmap for Hiring”: 

A range of positions across various employers means different target audiences, and our recruiters are taught to look for potential as well as experience. Our roadmaps cover stipulations (such as specific qualifications required) and analyse necessary skills to present an ideal employee persona.

2. Exploring Our Existing Network: 

Where possible, we then look to connect our existing network of qualified candidates with jobs that meet their needs. Our promise is to only onboard individuals who we’re confident will thrive in available positions - avoiding conflict for both the new hire and the client.

3. Sourcing Suitable Candidates: 

If we need to expand our horizons and network with new talent, we have to strategize. Depending on the job, we either utilise proven Xcede headhunting procedures or innovate guerilla marketing techniques to attract industry-leading talent.

A Typical Afternoon for Tech Recruiters

Depending on how much of their workload was covered in the morning, Xcede employees spend time after lunch to consolidate their goals and see what’s outstanding. 

They usually reach out to existing clients who aren’t currently looking to fill a role or check in with job seekers on the books looking for a position. This frequent communication is at the core of what our tech recruiters believe in: openness and honesty. 

As a team, we are dedicated to building relationships based on trust. These simple check-ins ensure nothing critical has arisen and enable us to assess situations and predict demand.

Smart recruitment at its finest.

Transferring to Technology Recruitment

As technology continues to advance, so do human resource practices and recruitment expectations. Every day brings new goals, tactics, and purpose. 

Like with many office positions, some days are more manic than others - but changing candidate needs and client requirements in 2022 mean there’s always something to learn. Recruitment positions with Xcede are all-encompassing 360° roles.

As of this year, business owners have become desperate for the expertise of specialist technology recruiters, ultimately creating a fast-moving market for a rewarding job position. Essential skills required include:

  • Problem-solving

  • Digital proficiency

  • Interpersonal

  • Critical thinking

Alongside staying up-to-date with the demands of the market around them (such as the 75% of technology talent wanting remote work (Source: App Neta), recruiters have to hone their negotiation skills to keep both clients and candidates happy. 

Qualified technology employees looking to move into consultancy or client-facing roles may enjoy a position in specialist recruitment. However, entry-level recruiters can also come from a variety of sectors where expertise is transferable:

  • Marketing: Recruiters often have to segment a target audience, design job adverts, and boost traffic to positions.

  • Customer Service: Not having enough employees can be a scary time for a business owner, and not having a job is just as worse for candidates. Having customer service skills can help reassure stakeholders and build trust.

  • Sales: Negotiating and convincing clients to sign long-term, exclusive contracts with Xcede often requires gentle sales skills. This ability can also be applied for ongoing networking and outreach in lead generation.

  • Data: Technology recruiters have to analyse a range of data points to make accurate and relevant hiring decisions. 

  • Digital: The majority of stakeholder interactions now take place through digital platforms.

  • Human Resources: Recruiters are often responsible for creating fair and accurate contracts between a client and their new hire. 

Technology Recruitment Jobs with Xcede

We believe in unlocking the potential of our workforce through outstanding training, competitive earning potential, and vast reward structures. Xcede offers all of our employees a world-class technology recruitment environment where they are supported in their careers, from trainee level to management and beyond. 

About Xcede

Xcede are global recruitment specialists who source employees for a range of dynamic job positions, selecting the top talent for every single one of our clients looking to fill employee gaps in technology. Our dedication to finding experienced candidates with the right qualifications allows businesses to foster growth and continue scaling.