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What Does The Future Hold For The Technology Sector?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author:by Freddie de Metz

We spoke with Xcede’s Freddie de Metz, Sales Manager and tech specialist, to talk what’s next for the technology industry and how this could impact clients and candidates.

Hi Freddie. Thanks for speaking with us. Could you tell us about your role?

I’m a Sales Manager specialising in the tech sector. I work across all areas of expertise, including front and backend, DevOps, game development, and cloud engineering. My client network is incredibly diverse and I’m privileged to work with all types of innovative tech businesses from startups to large multinational companies. It’s a really varied role.

How has the technology sector adapted over the last few months?

When lockdown began, we saw some e-commerce activity stall as organisations worked out how to adapt to the challenges of people staying at home. We also quite quickly saw an influx of demand for backend engineers as businesses began to develop systems that allowed their employees to work remotely. Although the majority of the technology sector was already ahead of the crowd with remote working, it’s become the norm across the board ­– a lot of the companies we work with have become fully remote.

How are these changes impacting hiring?

Candidates are now looking for remote roles or a healthy balance between remote and office working. From a hiring perspective, remote hiring and onboarding are driving cultural change that has impacted almost every business. We’re definitely beginning to see hiring activity ramp up in the tech marketplace in general, with significant growth across the last month.

Are there any big trends impacting the tech industry at the moment?

The gaming market is booming globally right now. Mobile and PC games are incredibly buoyant as people spend more time at home. These organisations are recruiting across every part of their businesses. This has driven acquisition activity in the biggest companies but we’re equally seeing smaller agencies making their mark.

What do you think the next year looks like for the technology sector?

I think we’re going to see a lot of change in the sector as a whole, there is a growing movement away from generalist roles to specialist and more niche job titles. We are also seeing a shift in engineering specialisms as Python developers begin to take on a more prominent role and greater responsibilities. On a more general scale, I think Covid-19 has made people realise how central technology is to every part of their lives. It shapes their leisure time, how they work, how they communicate. I believe tech will be at the heart of business recovery and it’s an industry that will continue to grow and evolve. It’s also an industry with huge opportunities for people starting their career or perhaps changing their career path; in an ever-changing world, tech skills are increasingly valuable.

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