Xcede Germany Searches for New Talent

by Xcede


Could you be a part of our successful Berlin-based team?

Our Berlin office opened its doors in 2019 and our German team have achieved impressive results. We have built a dedicated team, partnered with new clients, and connected with talented digital candidates across the city. This is a result of unrivalled market expertise, experience, and our commitment to building a vibrant team of talented recruitment professionals.

Xcede Recruitment GmbH is not only dedicated to welcoming exceptional digital recruiters, we have worked hard to create an inclusive and nurturing environment where digital professionals can grow their skills. Our consultants have access to dedicated learning and development programmes, one-to-one training, and premium LinkedIn and Xing accounts. This opportunity for growth has attracted a diverse and experienced team.

Our focus in Berlin has been on digitisation and data, this combined with our exceptional service standards translates into a compelling prospect for new clients across the city. It has also been instrumental in helping us to reach out to talented digital candidates and in attracting new consultants to our growing office.

Given the success we have enjoyed in just a few months, we are now looking to further expand our Xcede Recruitment GmbH team. Our Senior Talent Acquisition Manager, Patricia Ballweg, is looking for dedicated graduates as well as experienced consultants.

If you believe you have the right skills to be part of this exciting phase of our growth, get in touch. You can find details of our current vacancies on our Work For Us page.