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The Rise of Coding Academies

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Xcede

Could an increasing number of accessible tech qualifications replace degrees?

Tech and coding academies are on the rise, fueled by a growing need and jobs to fill for software developers and digital professionals across all industries. These courses range in scope and price, from free online courses like Udemy to intensive boot camps like General Assembly and Flatiron School. With costs ranging from hundreds of pounds to several thousand pounds, many offer the possibility of a complete career change or career entry point in just a few months. These academies offer both virtual and in-person courses, with some specialising in a key development role or programming language. The growth of the coding academy marketplace is leading some to question the value of traditional computer science degree courses.

Why Are More People Choosing Tech Academies?

One of the most attractive features of these new academies is cost. They are significantly less expensive than an undergraduate degree and can be completed in a matter of months. They also offer greater flexibility, with many people able to undertake virtual courses alongside their current job. It’s arguable that these types of highly-focused courses provide candidates with more of the practical skills they will need to work in a high-performing development team. Some are even set up as mock development teams, giving students hands-on experience of the full development lifecycle. 

Our technology consultant explains:

“They are a really good way for older candidates to completely reskill and stay relevant in the changing jobs market. It’s also a great way for younger candidates, that maybe even have a degree, to make their profile more attractive to employers. Coding academies encompass a broad range of needs and have the potential to improve success in the jobs market for a wide variety of people.”

Will Coding Academies Replace Degrees?

It’s unlikely that computing degrees are going to fade away entirely. Degrees will always be sought after by some employers. However, as the pace of digital innovation increases, many of the skills taught on degree courses will become obsolete by the time a graduate is ready to enter the workplace. The faster and more focused approach of coding academies provides readily translatable and actionable skills that can help a candidate make an immediate impact. We are also seeing leading tech companies remove having a degree as a barrier to entry. Brand pioneers like Apple, Google, and Netflix no longer require candidates to hold a degree-level qualification.

What is the Future for Coding Academies?

The demand for intense development courses shows no sign of slowing. With high demand for software developers and high salaries fueling ongoing interest in coding academies. Many academies have limited entry requirements, and this makes them an attractive prospect for those without a technology background. Aside from the learning opportunities available, coding academies are fast becoming a vibrant networking environment; providing those without industry connections with an opportunity to build their contact list.

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