Chiquita: Behind the Blue Sticker

by Xcede


The leading global company Chiquita Brands International have partnered with the popular audio and visual recognition app Shazam in a bid to create immersive experiences for their consumers by printing small codes on their product packaging. Since mid-July, the iconic blue sticker on Chiquita’s products (the symbol for high-quality fruit and produce) can be scanned using Shazam, this then provides customers with the brand’s sustainability information.

“We truly believe that leading the industry obliges us to invite consumers and retailers to better understand and see the actions we are taking to produce, ship and provide the best possible fruit.” – Jamie Postell, Director of Sales North America for Chiquita

Mobile users that scan a Shazam code on one of the blue stickers will unlock an augment reality (AR) experience that virtually peels back the sticker to immerse viewers in a computer-generated world. Then a Virtual Reality experience lets consumers follow the production and journey of their banana from Chiquita farms in Latin America and provides more information about Chiquita’s sustainability initiatives such as innovations in farm management and logistics with impact on waste, emissions, water footprint and more.

“When millennials trust a company’s social and environmental practices, 90% reported that they would buy from that brand.” – Survey by the Shelton Group

This partnership came alight as the word “sustainability” has become a key ‘watch word’ among young consumers who show greater awareness around the environmental side effects of human behaviours and climate change. Chiquita aims to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability in a likelihood to appeal to more millennials and consumers that are more conscientious about the environment and social activity.

“Chiquita will be the first brand to leverage our visual recognition technology in the fresh produce aisle. This partnership offers an accessible, immersive platform sharing Chiquita’s message in an authentic and engaging way to both consumers and retailers.” – Miles Lewis, SVP Shazam International