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calendar10 April 2023

Explore Our 2023 UK Salary Survey

Explore the biggest salary trends and insights from 2022 and for the year ahead in the UK in Xcede’s 2023 Salary Survey.

Numerous factors contributed to the changes in the UK job market throughout 2022, including inflation, the increasing cost of living, the conflict in Ukraine, and post-pandemic ripple effects still coming into play. The demand for jobs remained, yet companies’ budgets were under scrutiny as they prepared for a much anticipated recession, which is understandable given the economic outlook changing so drastically over the last few years.

Regarding Xcede’s specialisms, we have seen a continuation of high demand for skills in data, digital literacy and cybersecurity - yet the top talent in these areas is still a challenge to place in various locations, given the aftermath of the Great Resignation. Although the country saw record-low unemployment and pay growth peaking in 2022, the year ahead remains challenging.

The results of our 2023 Salary Guide highlight findings from over 3,600 vacancies across 22 industries to provide an overview of hiring trends and guidance on remuneration for permanent and contract roles.

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