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Xcede 2022 UK Salary Guide

Xcede 2022 UK Salary Guide

calendar11 April 2022

Explore the biggest salary trends and insights from 2021 and for the year ahead in the UK in Xcede’s 2022 Salary Survey.

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of digitisation across all sectors as businesses moved operations online and adopted remote or hybrid working practices. Skill requirements changed and the competition to secure specialist technology talent intensified. Against the backdrop of a challenging hiring landscape, organisations in 2021 were under even more pressure to entice talent at all levels. It saw significant investments made to elevate employer brands, with salaries and benefits no longer just competitive but outstanding.

2021 provided exceptional opportunities for technology professionals. Focusing on our core specialisms of data, digital, technology, and cyber, we have gathered information from job seekers and employers, along with industry insights from our specialists and valued sources.

The results of our 2022 Salary Guide highlight findings from over 3,600 vacancies across 22 industries, to provide an overview of hiring trends and guidance on remuneration for permanent and contractor roles.


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