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Xcede 2024 UK Salary Guide

Xcede 2024 UK Salary Guide

calendar20 March 2024

Dive into the latest trends, salary insights, and future predictions with our comprehensive 2024 UK Salary Guide.

After the post-pandemic employment boom, the UK tech sector is now recalibrating, focusing more on project reassessment and cost-efficiency. Despite a general stabilisation in salaries, with a return to pre-COVID-19 levels, experts foresee a demand spike for specialist roles in Data, Software, and Design due to the rapid advancements in Generative AI.

Our Guide dissects the impact that 2023 had on each of our specialisms: Data, AI & Machine Learning, Product, Software, Cloud, and Cyber. Here is what you’ll find inside:

  • A look at the benchmark salaries across all levels in 2023.
  • Analysis of high-demand roles and sectors reveals where specialised skills command premium salaries.
  • Insight into the contracting and permanent job markets, where they are and where our specialists anticipate they will be.
  • Expert predictions for developments that will play a key role in 2024.
  • Exclusive insights into how AI is shaping hiring trends.
  • A breakdown of the trends and compensation packages of the C-Suite.

Filled with data from over 3600 vacancies across 25 industries, our guide is the ultimate resource for navigating the evolving UK tech job market in 2024. Whether you're an organisation strategising your next hire or a candidate contemplating your next career move, this guide is your key to understanding the current landscape and the future.

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