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What are the High in Demand Job Roles in Cyber Security?

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calendar13 December 2023

The Cyber Security Breaches Survey, a study conducted by GOV.UK collected data at the outset of 2023, which reported that a substantial 72% of large organisations and 36% of smaller firms had reported security breaches within the past year. This rise of cyber threats and the critical role of safeguarding sensitive data have made cybersecurity one of the most sought-after career paths. This blog will delve into the reasons behind the high demand for cybersecurity jobs, the most in-demand job roles projected for 2024, and emerging specialisations in this ever-evolving field.


The high demand for cybersecurity jobs can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, as technology advances, cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated and numerous. Malicious actors, including state-sponsored hackers, cybercriminals, and hacktivists, consistently develop new attack strategies, creating an ongoing need for cybersecurity experts to protect against these threats.

Secondly, with the digitisation of critical information and the prevalence of personal data online, organisations prioritise data protection. Safeguarding sensitive information from breaches and unauthorised access has become a top priority, leading to a demand for skilled professionals who can effectively secure these assets.

Finally, the skills gap in the field of cybersecurity is another driving force behind the high demand for these jobs. The rapid evolution of the cybersecurity landscape has resulted in a shortage of skilled professionals. Employers are struggling to find talent with the requisite expertise to fill critical roles, making cybersecurity a competitive and sought-after field.


As we look forward to 2024, certain job roles are expected to be in exceptionally high demand within the cybersecurity field. These roles reflect the evolving landscape of cyber threats and the need for specialised skills. Here are some of the most sought-after job roles predicted for 2024:

  •     Cybersecurity Analyst: Cybersecurity analysts monitor networks and systems, detect security threats, and swiftly respond to incidents. Their role extends to investigating and assessing vulnerabilities, allowing them to develop and fine-tune security strategies, ensuring the organisation remains resilient in the face of evolving threats.
  •     Security Engineer: Security engineers are the architects and builders of an organisation's digital defence. They design, implement, and maintain security infrastructure, encompassing tasks like configuring firewalls, encryption, and access controls. These professionals play a crucial role in establishing a fortified digital environment where threats are systematically thwarted.
  •     Incident Responder: Incident responders aim to swiftly contain and mitigate the impact of security breaches. They follow well-defined protocols to assess the breach's extent, identify vulnerabilities, and devise a recovery plan. Their rapid and efficient response is pivotal in minimising damage, preventing data leaks, and maintaining the organisation's reputation.


It's important to mention that alongside the expansion of roles within the cybersecurity landscape, there are also new specialised positions emerging to tackle specific threats and challenges. Let's explore some of these emerging specialisations:

  •     Cloud Security Specialist: With the rise of cloud computing, the demand for cloud security specialists is skyrocketing. These professionals excel in securing cloud infrastructure, ensuring data confidentiality, access control, and protection against cloud-specific threats. Their expertise is essential in an era where organisations entrust sensitive data to the cloud, making them a top priority in the cybersecurity job market.
  •     AI and Machine Learning Security: As AI and ML redefine cybersecurity, specialists in this field are in high demand. They develop secure AI and ML algorithms, ensuring the resilience of AI-driven security solutions against adversarial attacks. In a rapidly evolving landscape, these experts play a crucial role in enabling the safe integration of AI and ML into security protocols.
  •     Blockchain Security Expert: As blockchain gains momentum in various sectors, the need for blockchain security experts is growing. These specialists focus on safeguarding data integrity within distributed ledger systems, securing the infrastructure, smart contracts, and cryptographic elements. Their role is pivotal in ensuring the ongoing success and security of blockchain technology as it reshapes industries.


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Luke Davis

Luke Davis

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