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Chief Data Officer Roundtable Event

Chief Data Officer Roundtable Event

Following the success of our first-ever roundtable at the C-Suite level last year, we are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting our second CDO roundtable event at The Hoxton Hotel, Holborn, on Thursday, 14th March.

While Xcede has hosted several data networking events over the last decade in collaboration with many of the UK’s leading tech companies, it is a pleasure to provide a smaller intimate event at this level for an in-depth discussion.

Sid Ghosh, Senior Director of Data Science at Tools for Humanity, will chair this insightful event. The list of attendees is just as impressive and includes Data leaders from incredible companies such as Financial Times, Newcross Healthcare Solutions, John Lewis Partnership, and many more!

Order of events:

  • 18:30PM - Welcome Drinks
  • 19:30PM - Sit Down 3 Course Meal
  • The structure of the evening from here onwards will be to discuss the topics in between each course with this being an open forum for the guests to express their views and thoughts.

We will address the following trends in the data space:

  • With the proliferation of toolkits, open source repositories and services available from online marketplaces, will the focus of a data function change from developing bespoke tech and models to using what is available effectively and deploying services in production? Will that result in an increased focus on engineering than science?
  • Is the gap between an engineering function and a data function reducing since data teams are adopting core engineering principles? What impact will that have on organisational structures, and will the data function eventually just sit under the CTO's office?
  • Given that success in data roles is measured on having a business impact, which requires close collaboration between data and business stakeholders, is it necessary to have an induction programme for data professionals starting their careers or regular training for senior data scientists, where they hone their soft skills?
  • How will the proliferation and adoption of GenAI impact data teams?


Please note that the capacity for this event has been reached. If you are interested in attending future Xcede events, please get in touch today!