Explore Our 2021 Salary Survey

How has COVID-19 impacted pay across the UK digital, technology and data sectors? Explore the biggest salary trends and insights from 2020 and for the year ahead in Xcede’s 2021 Salary Survey. For employees, the survey will allow you to objectively evaluate whether your skills are being matched financially by your employer. For business owners and managers, the survey will be an insightful guide to obtaining and retaining the top talent in your sector as we enter a post-COVID world.

The challenges that emerged from 2020 had a huge impact on the digital recruitment market. For a market that is in constant flux as new technologies, tools and opportunities emerge, we had to pause, reassess, and rapidly evolve our working practices. The exact same can be said of the digital sector itself.

So how did these unprecedented changes affect how companies hire the best talent within the data, digital and technology sectors?

This year’s Salary Survey is one like no other and follows our 2020 Salary Survey Guide, providing insights and uncovering trends from a year that will shape the way we work for years to come. The survey takes a closer look at 3 key markets – data, digital, and technology – using information from surveys, CVs, job listings and successful hires to provide a snapshot of current hiring trends in the UK and guidance on remuneration for permanent roles, with a special overview of the contractor market.

Find out how your pay and benefits compare to others working in related roles, or how you can expect your salary to rise with experience. For business owners and hiring managers, our 2021 Salary Survey offers unique insights into the cost of acquiring and retaining the brightest talent in your sector.

Download your own copy of The Xcede 2021 Salary Survey today by completing the form.

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