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Founding AI Ops Engineer (LLM & Full Stack)

£50000 - £120000 per annum + Private Health,Enhanced PC
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16 days ago
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Will Harris
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Generative AI

A heavy weight start-up, backed by industry leaders like PayPal and Slack, looking to build the best simulation platform using AI agents that stress-test other AI applications. It will assess and optimise the performance, reliability, and security of their AI systems through hyper-realistic user simulations.

The team are looking for someone that loves their craft and can dedicate time from day one, long hours are part of the process of building an incredible product.

They are building an all-star team and they want their founding members to set the highest bar in
terms of work ethics, drive to improve, and teamwork. Our key values are:

* Work hard, play hard - they occasionally have to work 60+ hour weeks and expect the
same from our team. We also have lots of fun as a team inside and outside of the office.

* Meritocracy, always - you own and earn your destiny. The best argument wins, not the
loudest voice or the most senior team member.

* Diversity and inclusion among humans - for diversity and fairness reflected in AI

As a Founding AI Ops Engineer (LLM & Full Stack), you will build the systems for the most advanced AI simulation and stress-testing platform in the world. You will substantially contribute to the key capabilities of our AI simulation platform whilst also being in charge of its frontend and backend.

Your qualifications:
You have demonstrated the ability of building world-class software and AI products, with a
strong emphasis on end-to-end deployment.
3+ years of experience across frontend and backend development
Excellent communication skills and team player mentality

Backend proficiency:
* Experience deploying AI models to production (Databricks, Kubernetes, etc.)
* Python (in particular hugging face, langchain, pytorch, Scikit-learn, pandas, plotly, fast
* Experience with LLMOps
* Version control (git)
* AWS/Azure
* Docker
* Building and deploying API servers
* Databases SQL (Postgres) and NoSQL

Nice to have
* Worked as a full stack engineer at a fast-paced startup before
* Proficiency with Next.js, Node.js, React, Tailwind

Competitive salary + equity + they take care of you:
* Private health insurance
* Additional pension contributions
* Free lunch
* Free gym
* Curiosity allowance for books, museum memberships, library cards, courses, ..


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Will Harris

Will Harris

Specialisms: Software, Software Engineering & Architecture, QA & Testing

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