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Senior Azure Engineer

Job Description

Job Description:

- Provide input on the low level design and help flesh out parts of this design;

- Implementing the low level design, such as setting up management groups, subscriptions, policies etc.;

- Setting up CI/CD pipeline for the automated delivery of an Azure environment (landing zone/workload) for business platforms;

- Build reusable building blocks (templates/blueprints) so that standard components are available for business platform teams to set up workloads and landing zones;

- Implement security requirements and guidelines, including hardening of environment and resources;

- Implement RBAC model for the services;

- Implement supporting services for visibility of monitoring/observability, cost management, alerting, security scanning etc.;

-Retroactively apply policies to the current solutions to ensure their compliance with the new baseline. You will help us identify the complexity of this change and advise on the way forward for lifecycle management.