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IT Support Analyst

Job Description

The role of Connectivity Tester involved the following key roles and responsibilities:

1. Work as part of a multi-disciplinary technical team to validate and test a set of 'pre-defined' scripts within the chosen record system. This will be required on all workstations/ end user devices currently being deployed at the organisation.
2. Efficiently report back and communicate issues that arise and troubleshoot accordingly under the supervision of subject matter experts.
3. 'On Occasion' assist in the deployment of End User Devices (i.e. deploying printing devices, scanners etc).
4. 'On Occasion' work with third party vendors to troubleshoot challenging technical issues and resolve in liaison with both the client and the third parties.
5. Diligently summarise daily activities and record progress to feedback to senior leadership.

Key attributes and Skills required

 Knowledge/ Experience working with a variety of IT systems.
 Punctual, diligent and proactive in all daily tasks.
 Able to effectively follow instructions and work both individually and as part of a small team.
 Comfortable with working across multiple areas with a requirement to consistently move from area to area.
 Able to work in an active manner on a daily basis.
 Excellent communication skills/ able to communicate issues and assist in any required troubleshooting.