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Information Security Analyst

Job Description

Information Security Analyst

We have joined forces with a leading financial services consulting firm. They are dedicated to assisting employees in growing in their roles and to providing a stimulating and challenging work environment that fosters growth and innovation.

The Position:
The information security analyst reports to the IT Security Manager. As an information security analyst, you will be responsible for managing the organization's security posture to ensure the protection of systems, networks, and sensitive data against security threats, computer viruses, and other related cyber-security attacks.

* BSc / B. Tech or N. Dip (Computer Science or Information Systems)
* Beneficial MCSE (Security) or similar IT Operations certification
* 1 to 3 years working experience in information security.
* 3-5 years in IT operations (inclusive of above)
* Technical understanding/skill set in Linux, Java, Windows.
* Technical Understanding of cloud platforms (Azure and GCP)
* Demonstrate and understanding of Networking/Firewalling Knowledge and TCP/IP
* Good computer skills in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel is essential.