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DBA Tech Lead (Durban)

Job Description

DBA Tech Lead

One of our clients Development Teams has a spot for a Database Administrator Technical Lead. You will report to the Team Lead, and work in close collaboration, planning, designing, and executing technical solutions and improvements within the respective software development Team.


  • 5-7 years' experience in a commercial environment utilizing a high transaction database.
  • 5+ years' experience in MSSQL-all aspects.
  • Advanced SQL skills and query writing skills.
  • Advanced troubleshooting SQL skills.
  • Experience in designing/optimizing MSSQL Databases.
  • Proven experience in mentoring of other DBAs.

What You'll Do:

  • Engage regularly with software architects in order to ensure the development within the team is according to architectural guidelines.
  • Work with other DBAs/developers, and architects to make sure that the solutions meet application requirements and performance goals.
  • Ensure that all technical solutions that are rolled out consider compatibility with other environments and dependencies; have a high usability factor; are reliable to reduce downtime and perform at maximum efficiency during peak periods of usage; and consider security at its highest level (third party attacks; data protection etc).
  • Drive the adoption of processes within the team that consider and meet the expectations of technical throughput rates and responses; processing times; effective resource utilization during operation and where the system or solution ensures maximum operational capacity requirements are met.
  • Ensure the delivery of a complete and technically appropriate solution that covers all the agreed specified tasks and user objectives and has been tested thoroughly.
  • Where possible work to develop and implement a quality mechanism for the solution to analyse its own faults and provide reports prior to a critical failure.
  • Develop the solution in a manner which supports modification for future dbas thereby reducing the numbers of defects or negatively affecting system quality.
  • Take an active involvement in problem resolution and where necessary work after hours to ensure that problems are resolved.