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Xcede offer a wide range of IT architect jobs as organisations around the world improve and upgrade their infrastructure.

Most IT architects design and develop digital solutions that cover systems, networking, security, communications, storage, business and enterprise applications. Given the importance of the role not to mention the scope in some cases, it’s not surprising that these are in high demand.

We deliver Talent into the IT Architecture Sector Globally

Xcede’s dedicated team is able to support leading companies fill a range of leader, planner, consultant and advisor opportunities including IT Systems Architect, IT Solutions Architect, IT Service Architect, Lead IT Architect, IT Technical Architect, Lead IT Infrastructure Architect, IT Data and Integration Architect, Principle IT Architect, IT Security Architect and Enterprise Architect.

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Our IT Architecture Experience and Expertise

Xcede’s recruitment team have been able to build a strong reputation by hiring suitable candidates who have both the technical and soft skills needed for such roles. Technical skills tend to comprise of having an understanding of the cloud, computer hardware, data, system architecture, virtual machines and IT security. Soft skills can be categorised as organisational, communication and analytical. ​

To discuss how we can help you source the best talent, please contact our dedicated team. Looking for a new job, please explore our latest vacancies below.

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