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Xcede offers a wide range of jobs in E-mobility and Powertrain. Electrification has become a mainstay in the advancement of the automotive sector. In the race to net-zero, automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers must onboard top-tier engineering and technology talent to meet the ambitious CO2 targets set by policymakers and governments, as well as the growing consumer demand for electric and hybrid vehicles that are as cost efficient as they are environmentally friendly.

Innovative electromobility solutions are needed if we are to electrify our transportation infrastructures efficiently and economically, and in turn, create more sustainable and liveable cityscapes for all.

Xcede’s E-Mobility & Powertrain Recruitment Expertise

Xcede have demonstrated experience of sourcing niche specialists across the e-mobility and powertrain sectors globally. ​

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Covering a wide range of established and innovative electric powertrain technologies, we partner with automotive businesses across the world to help them find the niche STEM candidates needed to design, develop and manufacture EVs. We also cover commercial roles to help tier-one and tier-two accelerate consumer adoption of EV and hybrid vehicles across the world.

To date, we have delivered top-tier engineering talent to several major projects across Europe including a 50+ project headcount for a major e-motor/e-drive development project in Europe.

Xcede’s E-Mobility & Powertrain Jobs

Xcede cover a wide range of electromobility roles across the design, testing, verification and integration of E-Motors, E-Machines, E-Drives and inverters globally, including: Embedded Software Engineer/Developer/Architect; System Engineer/Architect; Hardware Engineer/Architect; Functional Safety Engineer/Manager and beyond.

To discuss how we can help you expand your team in line with global the E-mobility revolution, contact us today. Are you an engineering professional specialising in Hardware, Software, Systems Engineering or Functional Safety? Check out our latest job opportunities below.

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