Autonomous driving system inside a car with digital visuals


​Xcede is one of the leading recruitment providers in the industry offering a wide range of jobs in autonomous driving. The global population is growing in line with evolving environmental challenges, the acceleration of the IoT, and the digitalization of every industry sector. Innovative solutions are needed if we are to create safer and more sustainable transportation networks, and in turn, greener and more liveable cityscapes featuring embedded, shared AV infrastructures.

We Source Mobility Experts

At Xcede, we understand the importance of AV technology to the future of urban mobility. To date, we have helped a wide range of world-leading OEMs, tier-one suppliers, and Engineering & Technology consulting firms to find the business-critical technical and commercial talent needed to develop sustainable urban mobility ecosystems.

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We source top-tier engineering and technology talent to service the autonomous driving and urban mobility sectors, from autonomous vehicle development, optimisation and testing specialists to software, system and hardware engineers working across data tools and telematics. Additionally, we source commercial specialists to support the entire product lifecycle from product conceptualization to getting your product to market.

Xcede’s Autonomous Driving & Urban Mobility Job Vacancies

​Xcede cover a broad range of AV and urban mobility-related roles globally across all aspects of design, testing, verification and integration, including: Embedded Software Engineer/Developer/Architect; System Engineer/Architect; Hardware Engineer/Architect; Functional Safety Engineer/Manager and many more.

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